Liberty Camp 2011

Our first Liberty English Camp took place in February 2011.

27 students from Armenia, Georgia and India spent 6 days exploring the ideas of liberty and enjoying a generous hospitality of Ripa resort house located in a beautiful forest area of Tsakhkadzor.

Our campers enjoyed dancing Indian Tunak Tunak Tun!

Enormous free-time fun!

The program was carefully designed by Glenn Cripe from Language of Liberty Institute and included such topics as Free Market Economics, Ideas of Hayek, History of Classical Liberal Thought, Globalization and many more. Each lecture was followed by a discussion where students divided into 5 groups were able to express their thoughts on the topic. During the “Entrepreneurship Workshop” hours our students prepared their own business plans developing budgets and marketing strategies. All the educational activities were held in English providing students with the opportunity to practice English conversation with native speakers.

Students and Instructors united in Liberty!

Our instuctors were:

Glenn Cripe –co-founder and executive director of Language of Liberty Institute

Andy Eyschen – co-founder and director of Language of Liberty Institute and management consultant in Malaysia

Jacek Spendel – director of Polish-American Leadership Academy

Joshua Zader – co-founder of Atlas Web Development and founder of The Atlasphere

Thomas Kenworthy – member of Norwegian classical liberal party DLF

Our teaching staff

We also had a pleasure to host Sarah Perry, a Texas-based freelance writer and contributing writer at the New Individualist magazine, and Danny Fulgencio, a freelance photojournalist and regular contributor to the Dallas Observer. You can read the article about our camp in the Summer 2011 issue of The New Individualist magazine. The electronic version can be found at