Liberty Camp 2012

Our 2nd Camp took place on 2-8 April 2012, in Tsakhkadzor. The event, organized in cooperation with Language of Liberty Institute and supported by Network for a Free Society brought together 28 liberty-minded people, including the instructors from Malaysia, Georgia, and the USA.

A broad range of disciplines was represented by students from Armenia and Georgia, such as Economics, Law, Business Administration, History, and Psychology.

Two students joined the camp from the remote regions (Marzes) of Armenia. Naira Siravyan from Nerkin Kndzoresk village (Syunik Marz) has never before studied in such an international environment. The village she is located in is a refugee village with over 50% of the population under the poverty line. Naira was happy to learn about the importance of private actions to solve poverty issues.

All the students appreciated the opportunity to learn about classical liberal ideas through interactive lectures, debates, and discussions. Such topics as The Proper Role of Government, The Morality of Capitalism, and Entrepreneurship were the most popular. Inspired by these ideas, the participants continued debating and discussing during their free time. It was exciting to hear a strong message of hope from the students, many of whom now feel ready to employ their new knowledge for the betterment of their countries. There was a great interest among many students in becoming entrepreneurs.

Each day, the participants spent a couple hours in small groups to prepare for the Human Rights Workshop and a presentation on the final day. Each group had to discuss the importance of the human right they chose and suggest private actions to minimize violations. The winning team presented the right to Internet access, stressing its importance for the enjoyment of freedom of information. Their slogan was “If your government wants to shut down the Internet, shut down the government!” Ani Yengibaryan and Nvard Sununu insisted that governments restricting the access to internet violate human rights. At the same time, they opposed the idea of free internet, mentioning that human rights, in particular, economic and social rights do not impose a corresponding duty of fulfillment on governments.

Preparing for the workshop

Visiting Kecharis Monastery

The students were excited to receive copies of The Ideas for a Free Society CD, donated by Network for a Free Society, as well as copies of The Morality of Capitalism by Tom Palmer, donated by Students For Liberty.

“Everything was great; the seminars were very interesting and useful – it’s a way for new life!”-Tatevik Muradyan

“I had an unforgettable week - have learned lots of new things, have practiced my English, and finally have met lots of new people! All of you I will never forget!”-Lusine Chilingaryan